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If you have struggled with the challenge of managing high-volume, multi-language translation projects, you know first hand that maintaining consistency is the biggest challenge of all.  Maintaining an ongoing translation operation is a complex business process that demands high-performance management of every detail.  Your success depends on the consistency levels of three main factors:
 quality  and  cost.

Learn how SpeakLike's High-Performance translation solutions together with our global team of professional translators will handle every detail for you, consistently and reliably from start to finish.

We will help you enter new markets with confidence, build local trust in global markets, and reap rewards beyond just increased revenues.  Plan on being an agent for change in a big wide world, with SpeakLike.

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86% of the localized campaigns outperformed the English campaigns in both click-throughs and conversions. (Source: Appia)

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The ROI from translating and publishing high-volume content into multiple languages can be almost immediate. Visitors stay twice as long on sites in their native languages, according to Forrester Research. - Read more

SpeakLike's High-Performance technology makes it simpler than boiling water, letting you focus on your business expertise while reaping the rewards of “going global”.

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Now using Hubspot with WordBridge you can tell your story worldwide in the native languages of your customers, developing meaningful relationships, opening up new markets and growing your business across the globe.

The WordBridge seamlessly integrates with the COS blogging functionality, meaning you simply choose the languages, and the rest is automatic.

If you have had experience being in beta programs and are charged up to help make WordBridge the best it can be, join the beta today!

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Think of it as a general session of the United Nations happening in your web browser.

SpeakLike uses experienced freelance translators rather than amateurs or machine translation.

SpeakLike has a pool of thousands of translators and can supply a translation of a given text in hours.


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SpeakLike handles translation projects of all sizes for organizations which require professional and accurate translation, content localization, fast turnaround times, automated submission and publishing, and simplified data management. We’re the trusted provider for high-performance professional translation services for successful content-driven businesses worldwide.

"SpeakLike uses experienced freelance translators rather than amateurs or machine translation."

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