Access Professional Translation via API

Access Professional Translation via RESTful API:

When should you use the RESTful API?

  • You want to automate deployment of human translation in your application
  • You want translation memory to reduce any duplicate translation
  • You want to leverage SpeakLike Quality tools such as Terminology Manager or Style Guides

Our technology has been designed from day one to accommodate easy, efficient integration into existing software and communications systems.

When you integrate SpeakLike into your content management system, support software or website, cross-language communication becomes another behind-the-scenes tool. You’re free to focus on marketing, customer interaction and business communication instead of managing translation projects.

Our API allows your IT or development team full access to our translation platform. They can build whatever user interface works best for you and we do the rest. Translation requests are automatically processed and made available to your system by either push or pull methods, according to your preferences.

Integration is a breeze. Depending on the functionality desired, you can call SpeakLike from within your system in as little as 24 hours. One of our clients was able to build a custom internal solution to automatically translate their website content from English into nine languages in less than one week, with only one developer.

How to get started:

  1. Get a developer account
  2. Please indicate in your email you’d like access to our API
  3. We’ll send all the docs your way – You’re set!