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Five Ways To Supercharge Your International Marketing

Content Management Systems transformed our lives and brought happiness to all the land, as they made editing page content and snap.  As the world became ever more densely pixelated, the importance of the CMS grew in importance.  For international marketing, When you connect the SpeakLike Translation Management Platform to your CMS (Content Management System) be ready for a transformation.  The 5 most important changes are: 

  • Speed: Fast Delivery Time Means Fast to Market

  • Savings: Reduce internal work effort to little or nothing

  • No Handling: Eliminate Handling Errors

  • Efficiency: Faster, Better, Cheaper

  • Support Your Customers: Help your customers access professional translation services from within your software

The translation project management options in today's world come in all shapes and sizes. When you choose to connect with SpeakLike you will experience a confident satisfaction that comes from achieving the fastest turnaround times and the consistent dependable quality that SpeakLike is known for delivering. SpeakLike provides professional human translation while automating all of the workflow steps. You can take it a step further by automating the content flow between your system and SpeakLike. 

1. Speed: Fast Delivery Time Means Fast to Market

Today, marketing is all about timing, and taking longer than necessary is never good. SpeakLike translation is almost essential to all businesses publishing marketing content in multiple languages, because it opens up doors. In the old days, it would be okay to take weeks

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Hands-on Translation, Hands-off Handling

It’s amazing how some people think they can save money by taking certain shortcuts, but then it turns out that they are actually saving a few dollars in the present just to add many more dollars in the future. For example, they will try to cut costs by relying on machine translation, volunteer crowdsourcing or internal workers.

At the time, it may seem like these are clever moves, so they continue to do it until they figure out what is actually happening. By cutting these corners, they end up stacking significant expense and extensive time spans dealing with project management, quality processes, and data handling that has to be done by another set of workers or the companies themselves. Therefore, rather than saving money, they are actually increasing the cost of a project by stretching out project deadlines and hiring additional help—all while sacrificing the quality of the results.

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