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Speed and Accuracy: Fast Quality Human Translation Solutions

In today's global and digital world, visitors accessing your website expect quick results. However, the American Translators Association finds that reliability and confidentiality are still major issues when using machine translation. Our fast quality human translation solutions provide the efficiency and accuracy your website needs.

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Five Ways To Supercharge Your International Marketing

Content Management Systems (CMS) transformed our lives and brought happiness to all the land, as they made editing page content a snap.  As the world became ever more densely pixelated, the importance of the CMS grew exponentially.  Be ready for a complete transformation to international marketing when you connect the SpeakLike Translation Management Platform to your CMS.  

The 5 most important characteristics are:  

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Hands-on Translation, Hands-off Handling

It’s amazing how some people think they can save money by taking certain shortcuts, but then it turns out that they are actually saving a few dollars in the present just to add many more dollars in the future. For example, they will try to cut costs by relying on machine translation, volunteer crowdsourcing or internal workers.

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