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Achieving Successful Multi-Language Healthcare Engagement.

We recently sat down with Daniel Ghinn, a leading expert in healthcare innovation, to discuss the role language translation plays in healthcare. In a previous article, Daniel explains the growing digital healthcare divide – arguing that although more people around the world have access to the internet, the majority of health related content is still in English.  Seeing the rapid uptake of online health information gathering,  self-diagnosis resources, enclaves for wellness related communities, and improvements in telemedicine, SpeakLike is dedicated to facilitating health content information sharing across all languages.

In fact, SpeakLike already removes language as a barrier for a major provider of radiology imaging software, PETLinQ. Our instant chat translation capabilities allow more than 71,000 doctors to collaborate easily across multiple languages, increasing the speed and quality of PETLingQ’s service.  With SpeakLike’s translation WordPress Plug-In and easy to implement Human Translation API, we hope to facilitate even more health-related information sharing in the near future.

At SpeakLike, we’re convinced that the health industry has tremendous innovation capacity for handling multi-lingual communication — after all, health is a universal language.

If Machine Translation Were Perfect

Yesterday, we saw some great articles about Google Translate and improvements in machine translation. The articles provide a good perspective on the current state of machine translation and its importance in everyday life to get the gist something in another language.

Unlike a few years ago, we now have a choice in translation: machine or human. So it’s important to understand which one to choose. The New York Times’s version of the story highlights benefits and the limits of machine translation:

“Creating a translation machine has long been seen as one of the toughest challenges in artificial intelligence … Automated translation systems are far from perfect, and even Google’s will not put human translators out of a job anytime soon.  Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them.”   Miguel Helft, New York Times

One of our users learned a lesson about this choice recently. In a hurry to respond to a customer’s support question, the user tried machine translation for a quick understanding of the topic. He then rushed a reply (using SpeakLike’s email translation tool). A few minutes later the SpeakLike translation of the original question came back (via SpeakLike’s Translate Text page). He realized that the question was different than how the machine translated it. The question was so different that his answer was embarrassing. In today’s world, and perhaps forever, business communications across languages need a human perspective to convey appropriate meaning.

What would the world be like if machine translation were perfect? It would be integrated into our daily communications and software, in the background. For example:

  • Websites and blogs would automatically be posted in the languages of our customers shortly after we added new content or posted updates, consistent with our marketing message.
  • You could compose an email in your language and have it delivered in another language, confident about what it said.
  • You could chat across languages with (near) real-time translation that reflected what you were actually saying.
  • Customer support systems would use support agents who speak the primary language of the company to support customers who speak other languages.

This is what SpeakLike is about — enabling us to use our current methods of communication and still do business in any language.