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Translate Large Volumes with Fast Turnaround

240,000 words processed across 11 languages in a week
SpeakLike Strings + Automated Translation Workflow + Human Translation

Our recent customer, a product manufacturer based in Europe, had a problem. They needed to prepare their website for 11 new languages in a week.  And they wanted simple handling and human translation of a large quantity of website and software content.

After a few setup steps, the custom translation system is ready for repeated use:

SpeakLike Strings handles website and software content
After our client downloaded their website content into a CSV file and set up SpeakLike quality tools (read further), they uploaded the file with close to 22,000 words into their Speaklike account at and selected their 11 languages from a list. SpeakLike translators started logging in to SpeakLike to transform the content. SpeakLike Strings accepts CSV or PO files and, for full automation, Speaklike services can be integrated with content management systems.  

SpeakLike quality tools help get consistent results
To get the best results, we worked with the client to set up their SpeakLike quality tools.

Style Guide: The Style Guide provides translators with high level guidance regarding the project, the content (in this case, marketing content), and other information. Translators often switch between different projects and look at the Style Guide for a quick reference.  Comments can also be added to individual strings for detailed clarification.

Terminology Manager: The Terminology Manager was set up to “package” their HTML code so that it can flow with the  content and be ready load in their website in 11 different languages. This packaging provides translators with guidance regarding context as well as flexibility to adjust sentence structures in their home language. The Terminology Manager can also be used to protect brand names and product names from accidental translation.

PhraseBook: The Phrase Book or Glossary helps guide translators with specific context or domain information on industry specific terms. When a word or phrase appears in the source content, the translators sees it highlighted and can reference a definition or description and a suggested translation. This glossary helps us deliver consistent results with a group of translators (more than 80 contributed to this project) and over time when updates are submitted.

Translator team building provides the best match
When quality is important, we work with clients to assemble a team of translators with high quality ratings and have a history with similar content (in this case, product marketing content) and meet our quality ratings requirements. Ratings are updated as translators do more work with SpeakLike. Many of the companies we work with choose to have SpeakLike reviewers edit content, while others use SpeakLike’s integrated review tools with their own in-country reviewers.

SpeakLike automated workflow reduces handling to save time and money
Once the original content is loaded, SpeakLike’s automated process kicks in. Jobs are set up in all 11 languages and broken into manageable chunks.  HTML code is packaged, brand names are protected, glossary items are marked, and notifications go out to translators in the special group.

Human Translation is the only way for business communications
Our translators, who have been tested, trained, and rated, log in to their SpeakLike accounts and start working on the marketing content. They have the Style Guide, protected terms, and glossary entries to guide them and, if they need help, can communicate with the SpeakLike team for assistance. With our global community of 1000’s of translators, translation continues on a 24 hour cycle, 7 days per week, every day of the year.

Human monitoring backs up the automation to deliver on time
But knowing there is a deadline, the SpeakLike team monitors the project. Unlike traditional translation firms, we don’t have project managers (except to get new clients started). Instead, we try to stay out of the way and eliminate unnecessary handling that is time consuming and expensive. We do closely monitor our clients’ submissions and translators’ work. We see where a project stands and what’s being worked on right now. Our team keeps things moving. 

Downloaded strings ready to use helps you launch
In this example, the first few languages were completed within 48 hours. Each time a language is completed, our client receives a notification and then logs in to their account to download the CSV file, ready to load into their website.

Ready for updates — only new content gets translated
SpeakLike now becomes an extension of the client’s content management system, storing translated versions in many languages. Any time new content is added to the website or changes are made, the customer can upload the whole website to process only the new or revised content. We don’t re-translate what is already done. The previous translations are returned from SpeakLike’s translation memory, ready to go. When its time for more languages, just log in to and add a language to the project. All of the quality tools are ready to use for updates and new languages. 

Send us an email to set up your free SpeakLike enterprise account and access SpeakLike Strings and the quality management tools:

What’s New in SpeakLike?

The SpeakLike team was quite busy over the summer making lots of improvements to help our customers get the right language translation when they need it.

Choose what’s most important: quality, speed, or price.
SpeakLike now provides choices for each translation request. Balance requirements for the quality level, turnaround time, and price.

Pick your quality level.
With SpeakLike you get human translation, not machine translation. Still, the quality of human translation can vary. Some translators use better sentence structure and spelling. Other translators address more subjective requirements, typing just the right phrase for a particular meaning. Now with SpeakLike, you can choose the level of quality you want, from good enough to ready-to-publish.

Discount price, good enough quality
Choose our lowest priced service, as low as US$0.06 per word for language translation, for good enough quality not required for business communication. Because this service accesses our largest pool of translators, one will often see really fast results (our average turnaround is only 1 hour). Although sometimes the wait is longer, so if a translation is needed in a hurry, choose a faster option. For marketing content or other important business communication, please plan to review and edit this content or ask for a guaranteed double-pass.

Request a review and edit for better quality.
Select double pass to have a qualified SpeakLike reviewer edit the document before it comes back. A slightly higher price and some additional time provides higher quality.

When do you need it?
A SpeakLike order can also be configured based on how fast you need your translation. Each level takes a higher priority in our automated system. Our team monitors translation activity and makes sure urgent work gets the attention it needs.

SpeakLike specializes in fast translation, including real-time chat translation (in seconds, not minutes) or customer support email messages in minutes or hours. Customers can even partner with us to process more than 10,000 – 15,000 words per day, in hours.

Use our select group of professional translators.
Access a select group of our most highly rated and trusted translators available for many of our languages, but these requests might take more time. For special language or content requirements, such as marketing or financial language, we can put together a custom translator group.

Try our new translation form right on the homepage for an instant quote on your next translation. For each option there is listed a price quote and estimated delivery time, and you pay only for what you purchase (US$5.00 minimum).

Call us at +1 212-497-7590 or email us at for any questions on these options or to learn more about how to configure custom services that meet your company’s on-demand language needs.

Website Localization: Why you should be using SpeakLike

There are many reasons why SpeakLike should be your central translation hub for website localization. Hiring your own translators or working with traditional language service providers produces significant project overhead. You just spend too much time on administrating and micro-managing translations.

Machine translations, on the other hand, are free, and not having to deal with other people or companies can save you from a lot of headaches. So why shouldn’t you take the easy route and let Google do its thing? It sounds great right? Well, not exactly.

To begin with, it’s a known fact that human translation is more accurate and provides a higher quality of translation than machines. As you can see from the examples, machine translations are more literal and done word-by-word, while SpeakLike’s human translators look at the message as a whole, figuring out the meaning of the message before translating it.

A more troubling issue, and one that is less known, is the effects of automated translation tools creating auto-generated content. Because of the poor quality of automatic translations, a website built on translated auto-generated content gives very limited value to users. Sending users to a poorly translated page is not what a search engine wants. And in Google’s case, it’s even against their Webmaster Guidelines.

Here’s a revealing quote from Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller:

“In general, when we determine that a page contains only auto-generated content, we may remove it from our index. If we determine that the largest part of a site consists of auto-generated content (such as when it’s automatically translated and crawled & indexed like that for several languages), then we may opt to remove the whole site from the index. This may sound a bit harsh, but auto-generated content that is created for search engines is a really bad idea and a waste of our resources.”

For all of those reasons and more, SpeakLike stands out as the leader in translation services, promising fast, quality, and effective language translation. Our 6,000-person team of translators are available whenever you need them, letting you decide your schedule. Our 24/7 self-service access to the translation interface eliminates wait times, redundancies, micromanagement, and administrative burdens, allowing employees to maximize their ability to engage in higher value activities. And our suite of products, including an iPhone Photo Translator, a self-service tool for translating websites, software, or app content, and connectors for WordPress, Twitter, and your API, leaves you in good hands with whatever you’re looking to do.