SpeakLike products are easy to use and to integrate, facilitating business in any language for a wide range of needs.


SpeakLike Text

Translate any text by entering it into our form. Compare the results to any machine translation form and see the difference.

SpeakLike Mobile

Need translations on the go? Use our mobile text translation page on any mobile browser.

SpeakLike Email

Correspond across languages just as easily as you do in your own language. Type a message in your language – SpeakLike delivers the translation and an email notification.

SpeakLike Chat

Carry on real-time conversations across languages – it’s like interpretation for instant messaging.

SpeakLike Strings

Easy, self-service tool translates website, software or app content and updates into the languages you need.

SpeakLike iPhone Photo Translator

Take an iPhone picture of any text and get a quick, quality translation. Also includes SpeakLike Text – type or copy-paste any text into the form and submit.


SpeakLike for WordPress

Publish your WordPress blog in mulitiple languages. Just install the plugin and set it – the rest is automated.

SpeakLike for Twitter

Expand your reach around the world by translating your Tweets.

SpeakLike API

Integrate SpeakLike into your own content management system, CRM and support software, communications or software products for prompt, business-quality translations.