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 Speaicon-speaklike-apikLike API

Integrate SpeakLike into your own content management system, CRM, and support software, communications or software products for prompt, business-quality translations.

  • For a translation company that uses the SpeakLike Translator Studio to manage their own team of translators, SpeakLike looks to them like a cloud-based PaaS software solution.
  • For a software company specializing in CMS technology, Speaklike is a strategic partner who provides seamless ingegration of translation services into their CMS product to provide automated translation of their customers content, increasing the reach of their business solution.
  • For others we serve as their translation services provider
  • And for shrewd investors and trend spotters, SpeakLike is the emerging de facto standard for human translation services on the internet.

Depending on one's frame of reference, SpeakLike is different things to different people.

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icon-string-translation  WordBridge for Hubspot 

WordBridge for HubSpot helps you extend your market reach by making it easy to publish your HubSpot blogs in other languages.  WordBridge seamlessly integrates SpeakLike's robust translation management platform with HubSpot's COS to simplify the complex process of managing campaign consistency across languages and cultures. 


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