A Translation API for Easy Integration

Translate and Publish Your Content on Almost Any Platform

SpeakLike’s Translation API

Our translation API allows you to seamlessly integrate the SpeakLike platform with your existing systems.  There is virtually no change in the user experience and therefore no additional training is required.  Plus, the ability to integrate SpeakLike’s API into almost any content management system provides you with a central administration point for all projects.  

Easy API implementation and maintenance coupled with the high-quality performance of the SpeakLike Platform will make your job a whole lot easier and help keep your users happy.

Automated Online Translation

Our translation API makes it easy to merge SpeakLike’s cloud-based translation system with your own website and CMS.  The API provides secure access to SpeakLike’s Translation Management Platform and allows you automate your translation needs quickly and easily.

Users are able to submit text from directly from their CMS and track the translation progress in real time as it’s evaluated, assigned, and translated.  You translated content is returned in your choice of formats and users are able to provide feedback throughout the process.

WIth a focus on efficiency, our translation API is capable of handling both simple and complex projects ranging from single pages to entire sites.

Up to 95% time savings. - No minimums and no extra handling fees

Real-Time Translation Access, 24/7

When you’re facing a deadline, waiting around for a project manager or programmer to handle raw files can be a frustrating hurdle. SpeakLike’s Translation API allows for automatic content submission with 24/7 access to custom service settings, quality controls, and cost options.

And thanks to our automatic publishing feature, you’re able to get your content back on time and and where you need it with ease.

Don’t be constrained by local office hours—deliver your content on your schedule, and let SpeakLike’s professional translation network handle the rest.

Save Time and Money

Looking to lower your translation costs without sacrificing quality?

The easy-to-install SpeakLike Translation API gives you access to a fully automated translation process complete with real human translators. This system saves you both money and time—no more struggling with unfamiliar file formats and delivery methods. Expand your markets and better serve your global customers with professional translation that’s both accurate and affordable.

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