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Professional Human Translators 

Diversity Fosters Creativity and Teamwork

Our qualified translators come to us from all corners of the world and provide 24/7 availability for translation projects.  Their work is done in the SpeakLike Translator Studio, a continually evolving component of the TMS that allows users to monitor the status of their project in real time.


Accountability never takes a holliday at SpeakLike

Our human translators are continually evaluated through quality ratings and reviews by our users and Language Managers.  Translators are rated on a variety of characteristics that ensures the work produced is both consistent and accurate and helps identify skills in which they are proficient*.  Our unique workflow management model, integrated translator workspace and embedded quality management system means high quality results at affordable prices.

*For example, translators with exceptional typing skills and an understanding of chat lingo perfectly suited for translations of real-time multi-lingual chat sessions.  In addition, translators who work deliberately but at a slower pace are assigned to jobs without the pressure of short turnaround times.


We Choose the Best Suited Translator for Each Job

Our evaluation process is built into the TMS and we are continually reviewing our human translators as they grow their skills and expertise.  It is this perpetual observation that ensures our translators continue to progress in both their efficiency and accuracy and that our users benefit from the improvements.

Translators are awarded for things like taking the initiative to expand their skillset and we strive to match translators to projects where they have proven experience.  Our goal is to not only provide the highest quality translations to our users, but also develop the abilities and competence of our translators.

We manage all of this through the Translation Management Platform so that we are able to scale our throughput and expand the languages we support, two things that our experience has shown to be difficult to achieve in-house.  As your company continues to grow, the translation management component of SpeakLike ensures you don’t encounter a bottleneck when it comes to your content.


Global Reach in 50 Languages and Growing

SpeakLike's translation management processes are continually evolving and take current demands, historic data and future trends into consideration when assessing the needs of our users.  The Translator Studio component of the TMP allows us to assign dedicated translators to your project as well as specialized agencies that use our technology in order to meet your specific requirements.

Though our human translators are all native speakers, they live all over the world and work on flexible schedules.  This means that for many languages we are able to provide 24/7 translations.

  • Global network
  • More than 50 languages
  • Professional and specialized translators
  • Native speakers
  • Automated process
  • Tested and rated

Translators to Fit Any Project

Our human translators have a range of specialties and are available at varying price points based on quality and urgency.  All translators are tested and reviewed when they join our network and receive ongoing ratings from our Quality Council of Reviewers as well as from customer feedback.  Users have ultimate control over costs as they are able to specify both quality and turnaround time within the platform.

  • Ongoing ratings from reviewers and quality council
  • Language-specific style guide
  • Placeholders to protect product and brand names
  • Private information is redacted
  • In-line handling of HTML and XML
  • Context specific glossary: consistency across a team and over time
  • Custom teams match quality and content requirements

We build custom teams to meet the specific requirements of every project base on a translator’s ratings and work history. For example, you might prefer faster delivery at a lower cost for your internal content but opt for business-quality results for your client-facing website.  SpeakLike lets user customize their settings on a project by project basis and without the need for a project manager.

  • Custom translator teams for responsiveness and quality requirements
  • Choose between quality, speed, and price options
  • Dedicated teams you can work with again and again

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