A Translation Management System for HubSpot

Wordbridge provides professional translation to the COS.

With a click your content is translated and published.  

Realize the full value of your marketing content
with WordBridge!

Translate and publish into over 50 languages

Now you can take your message to millions of new businesses

with a click of your mouse.

WordBridge-main-logo2.jpgDo you have products and services that you want the whole world to know about?  Now you can tell your story worldwide in the native languages of your customers, opening up new markets and growing your business across the globe.

The WordBridge technology seamlessly integrates the blogging functionality of HubSpot’s COS with SpeakLike’s hands-free fully-automated translation management platform.

Just a tap or a click and WordBridge gives you the power to automatically translate and publish your HubSpot blog posts -- right in Hubspot -- into over 50 languages.

WordBridge takes your messaging across the globe, expanding the reach of your marketing campaigns and increasing your content’s

Wordbridge extends Hubspot’s powerful marketing automation technologies, providing the functionality needed to manage global campaigns.  The seamless integration with SpeakLike lets you easily and effectively reach a global audience with virtually no additional investment in time or effort. value as you effortlessly repurpose it in as quickly as an hour.  Wordbridge effortlessly leverages your investment in content creation many times over, and that’s music to the ears of every content-based marketer.  Now it’s easier than ever to Go Global with your products and services.

Now you can compete with multi-nationals (and even become one yourself).  Set your content loose on the world and let the power of WordBridge’s translation management platform drive your expanded market presence!

Wordbridge for Hubspot - another way SpeakLike gives you the words you need to conquer the world.  Find out how easy it is today.

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F100's on the whole translate around 15% of their content.  That gives small and medium companies a window of opportunity you could drive a train through -- as they build real relationships with people around the globe by speaking their language.  Since online users skip over 80% of the content in another language, the ROI is nearly immediate, and becoming a global market leader is absolutely within reach."

Mark J.SpeakLike