SpeakLike Solutions

SpeakLike is not a traditional translation house. We develop the world’s leading translation technology to provide talented translators with the most powerful translation tools to help them achieve better, faster and more precise translations. Together, we are able to provide you with a level of service in a way no other translation service has ever been able to.

A better way to manage your own translation projects

Recruiting, hiring and managing freelance translators yourself produces significant overhead and keeps you away from more important tasks. SpeakLike matches the most qualified translators from our 6000 person strong network and manages the full process for you.

A Faster and Easier Way to Translate Documents

What if you could receive quality translations at the click of a button? Business accelerates; your translation partner needs to support you 24/7, anywhere on the planet.  Whether you translate press releases, technical documents, manuals, sales and marketing collateral, training documents, reports, or other documents, SpeakLike makes translations faster and easier.

A More reliable and affordable way to localize software and web apps

What if you had the most powerful translation software, a carefully selected translator team, and powerful quality management tools at your fingertips whenever you need them? With SpeakLike, you do! Localize your software or web app in just hours or days and profit from a state of the art review process that learns from your feedback.

A globally leading solution for translation of dynamic content

What would it mean for your website if there was something like Google Translate with powerful APIs and developer tools – but for business quality translation? With the SpeakLike Developer tools, you can create unprecedented value with your applications! Automate all translation across 40 different languages with our worldwide leading translation technology.

A  More Cost-Effective Way To Provide Email Support in 40 Languages

Are you tired of leaving money on the table by not being able to respond to email inquiries from paying customers and prospects around the globe? Or if you are sourcing support staff in remote markets, why can’t you cut cost in half? With SpeakLike you can. Offer full email support and respond to your clients within 24 hours using your local staff.  Expect to be able to cut 50% of your cost if you are currently using support staff abroad!