The Missing Cure For Localization Pain

Developing localized websites can be a pain – you probably know. But that does not mean it should stay this way. In fact, we can help you change that!

Our mission is to provide you with the missing cure for localization pain: the fastest, and least time consuming translation solution for your software or web/mobile application. How would you feel if you could fully automate localization and move on to more fun things?

Here’s our localization cure for you to check out and test:


The Cure For Localization Pain:

  • Localization of language files via web interface. Simply upload your files and download the translated language files and place them into your localization folder once they are processed
  • Full integration possible for professional human translation via translation API
  • Twitter Integrations already available
  • WordPress API Integrations coming soon
  • All Services are available 24/7 at highest uptime rates

The Available Dosages and Enhancers

  • 42 languages, 900 language pairs
  • Turnaround guarantee:  SLAs as fast as one hour are possible for professional translation
  • Capacity guarantee: Translation of large batches can be handled instantly (50K words and more per 24 hours)
  • Translation Memory: No Duplication - never translate (and pay for) the same sentences twice
  • Terminology Manager and Style Guides: Increase Quality even more

Possible Side Effects:

  • Repeated Adrenaline Rushes
  • Random Sensations of Sudden Happiness

To start your cure for localization pain, get your developer account today!


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