Content Localization When You Need It

Near Error-Free Translation at the Push of a Button

Our Secret Sauce:  

We are able to provide high-quality content localization at a low cost 

Our ability to consistently meet project demands of all shapes and sizes comes in large part from our patented technology.

Our Translation Management Platform handles every part of your project completely hands free and with nearly zero errors.

The TMP:

  • Reduces Delivery Time
  • Manages SLA requirements
  • Prioritizes jobs and matche translators

SpeakLike’s on-demand technology is perfect for organizations that need constant translations across multiple languages.

The TMP processes your custom workflows for all translations and content localization jobs. Customize the workflow with:

  • Turn-around time (SLA) management
  • Automated data preparation, routing & prioritizing algorithms, real–time progress and job tracking and robust multi-faceted translator management.
  • A fully integrated contextual quality management system. Where others require expensive and time-consuming project managers, SpeakLike automates the flow and monitors progress

Translation Content Management

  • Data prep saves time, reduces handling
  • Placeholders protect product and brand names
  • Hidden confidential information
  • Translation memory lowers costs
  • Accurate real-time tracking, history and audit trail

The SpeakLike Translation Management Platform serves as your translation content management system. Keep a full record of your translation activities, update your workflows, and leave feedback on projects to help us better match your projects with translators.


Gain Maximum Efficiency With Our Human Translation API

  • Connects to your system for end-to-end automation
  • SLA controls
  • Push or pull completed translations
  • Status checking

SpeakLike’s Translation API fully automates the workflow between your content management systems and our human translators with customers reporting that their daily handling of content decreased from hours to minutes. Content is automatically pushed to SpeakLike and the localized results are stored for until you or your system requests them.  Users have SLA controls and access to the quality management system as well as the ability to interact with your own team of translators selected, qualified, and trained for handling your content.

Do you need a faster solution? SpeakLike’s specialized real-time human translation API delivers a response time of minutes or seconds. Your translator team is waiting for your requests and the API and TMP manages results for super-fast turnaround. Use the real-time API for human translation of chat messages and news items where you need real-time quality translations. 


End-to-End Process for Speed, Quality and Value

  • Fully integrated Translator Workspace
  • On-screen contextual quality guidance
  • Real-time SLA and quality status

The Translator Workspace is fully integrated with the SpeakLike Platform and capable of providing you with quality translations and content localization when you need it. Our "quality at the source" approach provides translators with the information they need as they work. Our platform monitors progress in real-time to help you meet deadlines and providing a channel for you to offer feedback.