SpeakLike's Translation Management System (TMS)

100% Hands-free = Efficient and Consistent Workflow 

The Result: Fast, Accurate, and Low Cost Translations 

SpeakLike’s 24/7 On-demand cloud-tech translation management platform gives you the efficiency you need to run your business in multiple languages. By handling all aspects of the complex business of managing and administering your translation projects, our TMS ensures that you benefit from the quality, creativity and sublety that can only come from human translators, while leveraging the machine to deliver fast, consistent results that keep your business moving at internet pace. Whether you need to publish timely materials around the globe or chat real-time with colleagues across language barriers, we've got you covered.  

The TMS handles myriad details for you, such as:
  • Queue and prioritize translation Jobs
  • Assign the right translator and reviewer 
  • Manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for on-time delivery
  • Track jobs through their entire workflow
  • Report real-time on virtually everything that's happening
  • Track and manage translator performance speed, accuracy and consistency

SpeakLike's cloud-based TMS even lets you define custom workflows for your projects and daily translation activities. You can specify your SLA delivery times, create data prep rules, prioritize jobs, chose turanound times (SLAs), define automated data prep, speciy routing, see real–time tracking stats and manage translator assignment criteria and much more.  The TMS also provides a fully integrated contextual quality management system that gives you control over the way your work is handled.  It's bye bye to costly carbon-based project managers for good.  SpeakLike's TMS works at light speed around the clock to get the job done and keep your business moving.

Translation Content Management

  • Data prep saves time, reduces handling
  • Placeholders protect product and brand names
  • Hide confidential information
  • Translation memory lowers costs
  • Accurate real-time tracking, history and audit trail

SpeakLike's TMS keeps a full record of your translation activities and history; updating your workflow and quality tools to improve results over time. With continual feedback from the TMS, we can respond quickly to problems that arise. We can also provide you with a personal translator team that's assembled to fit your precise needs.

SpeakLike's integrated translation memory system keeps a record of all past translations and make use of previous versions to further reduce your costs. And when you provide quality feedback your SpeakLike content gets updated so it's there for future reference and helps us improve your team and ongoing quality.

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