Why SpeakLike?

Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should translate with SpeakLike:

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SpeakLike’s self-service platform enables fast, transaction-based handling of translation requests by combining front-end integration and scalable crowdsourcing.  Our clients choose SpeakLike for their localization for several reasons:

1. SpeakLike is Easy
Anyone who has used professional translation services (or has a dedicated team in-house) understands the effort it takes to effectively communicate with the translators and the back and forth emails to assign documents and clarify text. Our web-based translation studio is easy to use and frees time to work on other important tasks.  We can also work with any manner of translation requests, from regular documents to HTML code and string files. Our ability to check against previously completed documents eliminates unnecessary translation – we only translate new or edited sections.

For Example: A major online service provider submits their HTML-formatted text directly, and gets HTML text back.  Our Terminology Manager saves them the huge headache of extracting the displayed text from the HTML tags.

2. SpeakLike is Fast
We have thousands of qualified translators contributing to receive translation requests – ranging from tweets (Twitter messages) to long documents – all to be completed as quickly as possible.  Longer documents are split into manageable pieces to allow multiple qualified translators to work on it together in parallel to deliver the full document back much faster than a single team could manage.  Our SLA (service level agreement) manager dynamically prioritizes the requests in our system so that our clients get their results when they need them.

For Example: A customer service company has a policy of returning customer emails within 24 hours. We provided a 4 hour turnaround for inbound and outbound email messages, to give our client enough time to research their customers questions and receive the response back in the customer’s native language, with time to spare.

3. SpeakLike Delivers Quality
The SpeakLike platform was built to deliver the quality that only a real human translator can deliver.  Localization is not just changing text to another language – it’s bringing a real voice to an international audience.  While we focus on maintaining fidelity with the source material, we offer the ability to ‘double pass’ content through a second editorial reviewer, increasing the accuracy of the translation. Similarly, we give our enterprise customers priority access to our highest rated translators.

For Example: A New York real-estate company needed to translate a series of presentations for an important investor meeting in China. They needed to make sure their presentation was of top quality. The client successfully used our Double-Pass option to make sure their message was delivered accurately.

4. SpeakLike is Secure
We take security personally. All of our customer’s data and content is secure on our servers.  We also provide several additional levels of security by giving full control to block sensitive data such as names, phone numbers, financial information, and any other sensitive data. In the past, we have also created special translator groups to meet specific client requirements (ex. signed NDA’s).

For Example: A Fortune 1000 financial service provider required sensitive financial data and other client information to be blocked during translation. The client was able to block the required data and we created a special group of translators to meet all of their requirements.

5. SpeakLike Saves Time
With thousands of translators and our powerful technology, we’re known in the industry for our fast turnaround capabilities. We’ve built a process that moves away from traditional “Project-Oriented translation” to “Transaction-Oriented translation”. In other words, this means our clients submit requests as they become available without building up a backlog of jobs. Our on-demand translation capabilities are changing the translation landscape.

For Example: A major online retailer previously had to wait until they had a critical mass of translation requests, and then had to wait 2 weeks for the project to complete.  SpeakLike accelerated the translation time from 2 weeks to 24 hours (90% reduction in translation time), and also allowed them to submit updates as they came available.  Considering the time they actually saved by handing off their translation work-flow to us, SpeakLike literally changed their international marketing strategy.

6. SpeakLike Saves Money
We eliminate the hassle of finding qualified translators and take care of managing the overall translation process. This translates into significant savings. We’re on a mission to make business translation accessible to all.

For Example: A major customer support provider saves on average of 50% over cost of staffing their support centers with native language speakers.

7. SpeakLike Integrates with Communication Platforms
Our easy to use API is a powerful tool to bring SpeakLike into any existing content management platform. This means our clients get all the benefits of SpeakLike seamlessly integrated into the communication platforms their staff are already familiar with.

For Example: A major blog uses our API to integrate SpeakLike translation capabilities with their custom content management platform.

8. SpeakLike Works Around You
We’re dedicated to serving all of your translation needs. Of course having 24/7 access to our on-demand platform is just one way we make sure to meet your translation needs around the clock. We also understand business is sometimes unpredictable and your content flow through our system might change. We’re ready to create customized solutions to meet your unique requirements.

For Example: Our clients in Europe, South America, and Asia can upload their jobs on their own schedule. Our global team monitors jobs around the clock.

9. SpeakLike is Addicted to Customer Service
Above all else, we’re here to serve your translation needs. We’re easily accessible by phone, email, and Skype to answer your questions and address your concerns.

For Example: When one of our first-time users in Vietnam had a last minute translation job of marketing material on a Sunday night for a conference on Monday morning, we were able to address her questions and help get the job completed within hours.

10. The SpeakLike Quality Guarantee
We value quality as much as you do. That’s why we developed the SpeakLike Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your translation, a Quality Assurance Representative will personally work with you to find the best solution.  If necessary, we’ll even resubmit your translation, free of charge.  That’s the human difference.