The Translator Network

Professional Translator Teams 

Our global network of qualified professionals provide 24/7 coverage.  Continuous quality feedback and quality ratings result in accurate assignments.  Our unique workflow management model, integrated translator workspace and embedded quality management system mean faster turnaround and consistent professional quality at the lowest market price.

Global reach in 50 languages

SpeakLike draws on a pool of 1,000’s of independent and agency translators from around the world to meet your specific requirements.  Though our translators are native speakers, they live in different times zones and work at their own location on flexible schedules.  This means that for many languages, we can provide 24/7 when you need it coverage.

  • Global network
  • More than 50 languages
  • Professional and specialized translators
  • Native speakers
  • Automated notifications to translators
  • Tested and rated

Choose from a range of quality levels at different prices

SpeakLike’s translators cover a broad range of quality requirements and content specialties.  They are tested and reviewed when they join our network and receive ongoing ratings from our Quality Council of Reviewers as well as from customer feedback.  With fully integrated quality tools, you get higher quality at the source, meaning translators have the guidance they need to provide the right translation as they work.  For any submission, you have control over the balance you need, between quality, turnaround time (SLA), and cost.

  • Ongoing ratings
  • Reviewers and quality council
  • Language specific style guide
  • Placeholders protect product and brand names
  • Redact private information
  • In-line handling of HTML and XML
  • Context specific glossary: consistency across a team and over time
  • Custom teams match quality and content requirements

We build custom on-demand teams to meet your specific requirements. Your content and quality requirements are matched with each translator’s ratings and work history. For some content, you might want fast delivery of translations for internal reading — at a lower cost. For your website marketing content, you want business quality results from highly rated translators backed by our trusted reviewers. Your custom SpeakLike settings give you a range of options when you need it (without waiting for project manager).

  • Custom translator teams for responsiveness and quality requirements
  • Choose between quality, speed, and price options for any request
  • Rough draft human translation with fast turnaround at lower costs
  • High quality with highly rated translators and our quality council
  • Your request given only to your translator teams

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