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Business Quality Translation Goes Beyond Your Website

Investing in business quality translation for your website is just the beginning of an international content marketing campaign. If you want to reach out to users in a foreign market, you need to look beyond your website. 

Let's assume that you already practice content marketing. You have a content schedule and strategy in place and frequently post articles, blogs, and videos that engage your users. If we maintain the scope to just your domestic target market, you've completed the job and you will reap the rewards of your labors.

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4 Top Applications for Content Translation

We'd argue that there are now more applications for business quality translation than ever before. Just by looking at online marketing, you'll realize that translation is now a key aspect of expanding to an international market. You can improve your marketing efforts with business quality translation for Website Content, Social Media Marketing, Marketing E-Mails, and Advertisements.

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3 Significant Translation Troubles that Only Humans Can Solve

People like to joke about how terrible online translators such as Google Translate are, but the fact is that no matter how advanced or thorough it is, no automated translation can capture the essence of the original document the way human translators do.

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Speed and Accuracy: Fast Quality Human Translation Solutions

In today's global and digital world, visitors accessing your website expect quick results. However, the American Translators Association finds that reliability and confidentiality are still major issues when using machine translation. Our fast quality, human translation solutions provide the efficiency and accuracy your website needs.

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Comparing Human and Machine Translation APi Options

While humans have become more and more dependent on the daily use of machines in our lives, instances do exist where the "human touch" is the best option. Translation APi options are many; some offering simple usage, no costs, or the ability to complete complex projects. The following are just a few pros and cons of the different options:

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Fast quality human translation solutions, how and why its the only way.

If you typed the sentence: "The cow jumped over the moon." into a translation tool and tried to say it in Spanish you would get the literal translation of, "The cow jump on the Luna.", this is not what you meant or wanted to say. The cow can not jump on the Luna (moon). This is the problem with automated translation systems. When translating a document, sound file, video, or any other sort of material you run into a major problem of what to translate. Do you translate the meaning of the phrase, or the exact word for word conversion? Fast quality human translation solutions are the easiest and smartest way to ensure that a real live person who knows the language you need is choosing the way to put the sentence together.

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