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Business Quality Translation Goes Beyond Your Website

pablo_5.pngInvesting in business quality translation for your website is just the beginning of an international content marketing campaign. If you want to reach out to users in a foreign market, you need to look beyond your website. 

Let's assume that you already practice content marketing. You have a content schedule and strategy in place and frequently post articles, blogs, and videos that engage your users. If we maintain the scope to just your domestic target market, you've completed the job and you will reap the rewards of your labors.


There is enormous hidden value in your hard won content.  The time and the importance of the information it contains begs the question of how to stretch that value out.  Repurposing is always an option and it is not as much work as the original effort.  If you are serious about finding the way to "put one in and get ten out" then the clear winner here is translation, and given the cost-benefit ratio, into as many languages as you can.  There is no other way to spend so little while not lifting a finger and come close to multiplying the value of your copyrighted creative content.  But if you want to expand to a foreign market, we need to broaden that original scope. In addition to creating the normal content for your domestic audience in mind; you will not want also to think about how you're going to engage your new markets. 

This is where partnering with a professional marketing content specialist in business quality translation comes into play. Just as you turned to high quality translation for your website, you need to do so for your content as well.  A recent B2C article explains why: 

"If you have not taken the time or made the investment to translate your content correctly from a user’s, customers and site visitors point of view, then this just screams disrespect for the country you are trying to get business from. It looks lazy and if you then ask yourself how many times you have walked away from a website that was badly thought out and had poor text, you can see what I mean."

You need to translate your content to reach out to members in your new target market. You can't just assume that they're willing to read content in your own native language. And when you translate your content, you need to get the best quality you can for the very same reasons you used business quality translation for your website: you want to show respect and communicate with prospective customers as if you were a local. 

To talk more about business quality translation, or anything else, contact us today. 

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