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Speed and Accuracy: Fast Quality Human Translation Solutions

In today's global and digital world, visitors accessing your website expect quick results. However, the American Translators Association finds that reliability and confidentiality are still major issues when using machine translation. Our fast quality, human translation solutions provide the efficiency and accuracy your website needs.

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Here are three areas in which you can expect our human translators to maintain accuracy:

Expect the spirit of the message, not just the literal meaning. For example, to translate the expression "Give me a break" in Spanish, a literal (machine or human) translation could generate the message "Give me a (car) brake [un freno]" or "Give me a rest [un descanso]." On the other hand, our highly trained human translators intuit that the message is communicating the desire to be left in peace: "Déjeme en paz." They would convey the spirit of the message, which in this case, would include neither a car brake nor a physical break or respite from events.

Expect the correct register of language. If the message in the source language is professional or technical, the translation must duplicate that same level of language. On a website addressing B2B professionals, for example, the phrase "whatever you like" would translate more formally into "como usted quiera" rather than the informal and less polite "como le dé la gana."

Expect your translation to provide the proper syntax/word order. In Spanish, for example, the "red box" requires a different word order than it does in English. Our human language experts know that the word order is reversed in Spanish: "la caja roja" -- literally, "the box red."

With our products and services, your translated web content says what you said, the way you meant it. Feel free to contact us about your website translation needs, WordBridge, content management, or anything else. 


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