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Spend Less Time Managing

Localization Projects


Speaklike helps organizations localize effectively by delivering rapid human translations in over 50 languages and by providing our Parakeet technology platform for end-to-end automation of localization processes.

In-market professional human translators automatically receive your content and use our Parakeet Translation Control system to quickly and accurately complete and submit their work.

  • Rapid Turnaround - supports agile publishing
  • Machine Learning Algorithms - drive speed and quality
  • Professional reviewers - ensure quality to your standards.
  • Ratings and User Reviews - enhance consistency

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Human Translation Teams
The Parakeet cloud platform helps your organization streamline complex localization projects across the enterprise...reducing costs and workload while ensuring consistent content that inspires and connects with your audiences. Everywhere!

Workflow Automation - Simplify and Accelerate Complex Processes

  • End-to-End Job Flow - From submission to translators and back.
  • Workflow Rules - Put Job Flow on Autopilot
  • API Integration - Jobs Flow Directly Your To and From Your Systems.
  • Translator Tools - Help Translators Work Quickly and Accurately

Process Control - Ensure Consistency, Quality, and Accountability

  • Project View - See & drill into all projects & progress in one dashboard
  • Hybrid Translation Option - Fast machine translations finished and reviewed by humans.
  • Translator Management - Track quality on an individual level.

On-Demand localization will optimize messaging at all touchpoints.

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Documents & Collateral

Digital Advertising

Customer Support Requests and Responses

Email (inbound and outbound)

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