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Only Humans Can Translate

Your True Meaning

Speaklike’s Human Translator Teams include highly qualified in-market translators who ensure the context and nuance of your messaging is accurately localized in every language.

In-market professional translators automatically receive your content and use our Parakeet™ Translation Control system to quickly and accurately complete and submit their work.

  • Rapid Turnaround - supports agile publishing
  • Machine Learning Algorithms - drive speed and quality
  • Professional Reviewers - ensure quality to your standards
  • Ratings and User Reviews - enhance consistency
  • Vertical Market Specialties - guarantee accuracy

Our translators are a diverse group of professionals from all corners of the globe who are native speakers of over 50 languages. Every translator is tested, confirmed, and given continuous feedback to ensure the consistently high quality of their work. Our translators also work in their native languages, ensuring the nuance and impact of your content are carried into the target language.


You Get the Best Translators for Each Job

SpeakLike’s Parakeet translation management platform has a built-in system to get client feedback and evaluate our individual translators’ specific skills and strengths. We then use this knowledge to make sure your project is given to the translator best suited to meet your specific needs for vertical markets, quality, and service level speed.

You Control What Translators See and What They Don’t

The SpeakLike translation management platform allows potentially sensitive information (product names, personal data, legal or financial details, etc.) to be replaced with placeholders, so our translators have the context necessary to deliver a quality translation without exposing your sensitive data.


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