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Experience a New World of

Enterprise Translation Control

Manage all of your localization projects from one powerful system using SpeakLike’s Parakeet Enterprise Translation platform.

Parakeet’s cloud platform helps your organization streamline complex localization projects across the enterprise...reducing costs and workload while ensuring consistent content that inspires and connects with your audiences. Everywhere!

Localization Problems Solved.

Parakeet solves the problems of costly inefficiencies and inconsistent quality for localization projects across the enterprise.

Using the powerful and integrated Parakeet platform, your organization benefits from advanced automation and robust quality control tools for every human translation project.

End-to-End Job Flow Management

Parakeet connects every stage of the translation project to one system so jobs flow smoothly and managers have easy control.

From the moment content enters the Parakeet system, it flows hands-free to human translators and back to your systems. Progress can be monitored at every step from the Parakeet project dashboard. Translators work directly within the platform to save time and take advantage of built-in productivity tools.

Workflow Rules

Set workflow rules and Service Level, connect your glossaries, style guide and placeholders. Let Parakeet put your translation process on autopilot

Content System Integration API

Eliminate costly manual processes by connecting your systems directly to Parakeet using the Parakeet API. Seamless API integration will connect your CMS, CRM, or Customer Support system directly to content flow for hands-free submission and return.

Translator Tools

Parakeet’s Translator Studio ensures translators can deliver the best possible results in the shortest time and with the lowest cost. With easily accessible tools like glossaries and style guides, as well as features designed to allow our translators to collaborate more seamlessly, the Translator Studio is designed to offer reduced turnaround times and a more consistent end product.

Project Management View

Control the entire flow of your projects through the Parakeet Projects Interface. Parakeet lets you see the status of each project and drill down into the content to verify the quality of your results at every step of the way.

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Hybrid Translation Option

Take advantage of the low cost of automated translations when volume and quality requirements make it practical. Parakeet can automatically make an initial translation of your content through machine translation. Then a human translator can complete the work quickly and deliver quality results.

Full Translator Management

Know your translators and their work. Parakeet lets you track your translators’ quality, turnaround times, and costs. Use translators roles, ratings, reviews, audits and work history to evaluate the quality of your translators and translator teams and make improvements as you go.

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