A Translation Management System for HubSpot

Easily Translate and Publish Your Content to the Hubspot COS

Wordbridge is a translation management system that allows users to publish their content in over 50 languages.  Through our TMS, companies are able to quickly and securely translate single pages or entire sites with the click of a mouse.

Translate and publish into over 50 languages

Now you can take your message to millions of new businesses

with a click of your mouse.


Do you have products and services that you want the whole world to know about?  Now you can tell your story in dozens of languages and open up new markets to grow your business.

WordBridge seamlessly merges the blogging functionality of HubSpot with SpeakLike’s automated translation management system.

One click with WordBridge gives you the power to automatically translate and publish your content and pages - right in Hubspot - in over 50 languages.

Our TMS makes it possible to take your messaging across the globe and expand the reach of your communication and marketing.  Wordbridge enhances Hubspot’s powerful marketing automation by allowing users to manage global campaigns from a single dashboard.  It’s now easier than ever to scale your content’s reach in under an hour and reach more customers than ever.

Set your content loose on the world with the help of the WordBridge translation management system and start working to expand your market presence!

Wordbridge for Hubspot - another way SpeakLike gives you the words you need to grow your business.  Find out how easy it is today.

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F100's on the whole translate around 15% of their content.  That gives small and medium companies a window of opportunity you could drive a train through -- as they build real relationships with people around the globe by speaking their language.  Since online users skip over 80% of the content in another language, the ROI is nearly immediate, and becoming a global market leader is absolutely within reach."

Mark J.SpeakLike