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Our success is due to a solid foundation of quality -- the quality of our translation management technology and the quality of our highly professional translators from over 100 countries.  We continue to nurture and strive to live by these principles every day, and our ability to deliver consistent quality service to our clients is why they stay with us or years. as is reflected in our 98.4% approval rating.

We love and enjoy what we do.  Taking our ethics and principles seriously does not, however, detract from everyone having a great time together as a team, bringing a positive attitude and light-heartnesness to the workplace and to each other.

As you all know, translation is much much more than swapping words from one language to another.  We are hired and trusted by our customers to be able to go way beyond that, to convey the true meaning and emotional resonance of those comunnications in all its subtleties.  Well done work means high levels of creativity, teamwork, trial and error and most of all, the willingness to take calculated risks that the customer will be amazed by the kind of audacious confidence we profer to the translated versions of their (even sometimes day) original content.  We write or the target audience in order to elicit a response and an action by them that produces the results our customers are striving to achieve.  It's the kind of subjective measure of success that comes from letters and accolades they share with us and are proud enough to share with the world at large as well.  Your ability to maintin your sharp edge and ongoing education is the secret sauce that distinguishes us from run-o-the-mill translation companies, and our ability to - as a team - continually seek out ways to improve our work processes, work environment, incentives, awards, promotions and even spotlight publications on a certain translator or team of translators that serve as an example to others, and as a - let's face it - great personal feeling of accomplishent that's extraordinary enough to be published worldwide.  

Our translation services team is comprised of in-house and freelance linguists, translators, proofreaders, translation quality assurance managers, and web programmers with a solid professional background in language translation and interpreting. We only use native translators to ensure accurate localization, and each translator that works for us undergoes a strict screening process in order to keep our standards of quality high. Our translators focus in the fields of medicine, technology, and law to ensure that even specialized documents retain the proper professional language and tone

SpeakLike’s professional translators and content localization experts come from many disciplines and all corners of the world. Each is fluent in the languages they translate to or from.  Each translator has their expertise, and are selected for projects based on the needs of the project and the fit of the translators.

Your attitude is the catalyst that drives your passion to be a start performer and to reap the benefits of your hard and dilient work.  We are so proud of your accomplishments in life already and will do all we can to continually challenge you with ongoing training and testing to grow your repitoire that sets you apart from typical, passable translation professionals.  I am here for you and I will be your ombudsman for anything you want to talk with me about.  Reach out to me anytime.  There is no feeling like the feeling of being able to help someone overcome obstacles and achieve their highest accomplishents and personal successes and goals.  Welcome to Team SpeakLike!

SpeakLike Translator Studio

SpeakLike-Home1.pngAll SpeakLike translators use our web-based Translator Studio, which integrates client preferences and other options to make the rules for any translation task or project simple, flexible and efficient.  You always have access to your own Translator Studio settings and can provide or change instructions on the go. For example, you might need certain terms and phrases to be handled a certain way, and you can modify that information at any time so that sensitive information in the content can be isolated and processed accordingly.

SpeakLike translators respond to requests as a managed crowd. This provides enormous benefits, including the ability to respond quickly and correctly around the clock.  Basically, translators who are online and available who fit all of the specific requirements of the job are given the opportunity to accept the job, starting with the most senior translator.  The large size and global distribution of our team helps ensure quick response at any hour of the day.

If your needs are specific in any particular way, the platform lets us create a team of exclusive translators assigned to your projects.  This is a feature of our Enterprise level offering, and is a popular option for many companies.  Whether for all of your translation projects, or for particular ones, our platform provides the flexibility to support virtually any configuration desired, and makes ad-hoc changes in the configuration a simple task.

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